NUXIMO is a global supplier of agricultural and Poultry commodities, Industrial machineries, Industrial Lubricants and Automotive engine oil. We offer a full service in trade involving products from our company. We connect our unique competences in the market to create solutions that nourish, protect and improve the performance.

Agro & Poultry

We provides specialist independent advice and unrivalled service to clients seeking direct opportunities in agriculture and poultry framing. Also provide a variety of product for both commercial and Aid (rural farmers) purposes.

We are engaged in different agro units. Among the poultry sector our root working unit is livestock, Poultry and fish farming. We provide these farming vaccination, Medicine, Disinfectant, Feeds, Premixes i.e. a complex mixture for feeds e.g. vitamins, minerals and other nutritional additives. We also provide variety types of modern farming equipment to our clients.


Vehicles engine works by its moving parts inside of it. These moving parts of engine rub and create frictions while engine works for the vehicle motion. And this rub and frictions of the engine parts are the causes of excessive heat of the engine. This overheat can damage the vehicles engine.

On the other hand, to work engine parts very smoothly and effectively the engine parts must be lubri-cated. Motor oil or Engine oil lubricates the engine parts and help to absorbs the created heat by moving parts of engine, so that the engine are not being excessive heat. By changing the Motor or Engine oil regularly before the Motor or Engine oil wears out, saves from the trouble of engine damage or overheating. Depending on the driving and engine condition, it is advised to change the Motor or Engine oil approximately per 8000 Km.

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